Turf Services

Odeys Aeration

Compaction is detrimental to turfgrass growth because turf root systems can’t get the oxygen they need, and the compacted soil becomes a physical barrier to root penetration and water infiltration.

Odeys aeration can produce a 2” x 2” aeration hole pattern, resulting in 36 aeration holes per square foot at a depth up to 4 inches. Other aeration equipment cannot compare to the effectiveness of this.

Recommended to be done a minimum of twice a year.


  • Relieves compaction
  • Reduces thatch
  • Allows oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate into the soil
  • Creates a stronger, healthier root system
  • Enhances heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Improves safety

Talk to an Odeys staff member to see which aerification program works the best for your field.

Odeys Core Processing

The cores left following aeration are picked up, ground and redistributed to the soil profile.

Returns the turf to a playable condition in less time and with less stress to the turf

More effective than dragging in the cores

Odeys Overseeding


Odeys slit seeder cuts through the thatch layer and opens a slit in the soil that the seed is placed directly into for optimum seed to soil contact. Ideal time for seeding is late summer/early fall but can be done anytime of year if irrigation is available. Odeys sells only the highest quality seed varieties possessing quick germination rates and superior traits.


  • Improves seed to soil contact for higher germination rates
  • Uses less seed than other methods of seeding
  • Improves turf density and fills in bare spots
  • Establish improved turf varieties with better insect, disease, drought and traffic tolerance

Odeys Topdressing

Odeys Topdressing applies a uniform thin layer of the desired type of material over the turf surface. Topdressing 1-2 times per year when turf is actively growing should be an important part of your management program throughout the year. The best case scenario for the application of topdressing materials is following core aeration.


  • Levels minor variations or depressions in the playing surface
  • Helps to amend soil physical properties
  • Helps reduce the thatch layer
  • Improves seedbed for overseeding
  • Creates a better overall turfgrass growing environment

Topdressing Materials

  • Soil – should have similar physical properties as the existing soil
  • Sand – select a sand with the proper physical properties – not all sand is the same
  • Compost/Peat – adds organic matter to the soil profile
  • Odeys Soil and Turf Conditioner – aids in improving drainage and reducing compaction

Odeys can help you decide which is best for your field!