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Odeys offers an extensive variety of Services and Supplies for your athletic fields and facilities. Our Field Experts at Odeys have years of experience in design, construction, maintenance, and supplies for top-quality athletic fields. Odeys offers a free, on-site consultation, so give us a call at 402-597-6296 to see how we can begin to shape a plan for your facility!

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Any great field, turf or court project begins with a well thought out plan

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Odeys Drain Master System

Odeys Drain Master System creates 10” slits injected with sand or Odeys Turf and Soil Conditioner for faster percolation and dryer fields. This renovation phase is following phase one using Odeys Fraze Mowing to remove the top layer of leaf tissue, thatch and organic matter. The roots, stolons, rhizomes and some crowns are left intact for turfgrass re-growth.

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