I-Hack Attack Pitching Machines


Features a customized touch screen through which can control and select pitch type, speed and spin as well as access saved favorite pitches and sequences.

  • Using the touch screen, quickly go between eight different pre-set pitches.
  • Can change speeds on any pitch and can be set to an established sequence or thrown in a random mode.
  • Rely on pre-set pitches or go to manual mode where you select any pitch, speed and location.
  • Fully adjustable throwing head pitch locators will quickly position pitch (high, low and inside, outside) in up to four locations within the strike zone allowing to instantly change locations between pitches.
  • Use the save function to quickly return to your favorite pitches or to a saved sequence of pitches.
  • Defaults are pre-established for every pitch to accommodate skill levels (youth and pro), all can be quickly modified.