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Odeys offers a wide variety of services. For years, we have told customers, “We can do your project or coach you through it.” What we mean is that we are excited about assisting you at any or all phases of your project.  We like to think of any sports field project as having four major components or phases:


Design and Consultation

Whether you have the time and resources to build your dream field, or your trying to put together a safe place to play on a dime’s budget, Odeys is committed to designing a field that helps you maximize your financial resources. We design baseball, softball, football, and soccer fields by listening to your goals. We then pair your goals with our experience in the athletic field industry. We work hard to listen to and implement the ideas of superintendents, athletic directors, coaches, businesspersons, and architects so that we guarantee our design fits your needs.Sometimes customers come to us with clear ideas of how they want their baseball field, football field, softball field, or soccer field to look. When this happens, Odeys serves as a consultant, helping provide the technical legs to your vision. We love consulting with clients and working together to design fields that serve as community gathering places for athletes and fans. Read more about our Design and Consultation services here!


Construction and Renovation

After we work together to come up with an ideal design, Odeys can do the dirty work for you! With a team of sports field construction experts and a line-up of top quality machinery, Odeys can transform a design into the field you have imagined. Our team of athletic field specialists not only constructs fields, but also renovates them. Every now and again, a baseball field or a soccer field, or any other kind of field needs a facelift. Using our patented line of Odeys playing surface products we help give your field the facelift it needs. Read more about our Construction and Renovation services here!


Athletic Complex Landscaping

The most important parts of any field or athletic complex are safety and productivity. At Odeys, we believe that atmosphere is another important priority. Creating fields that serve as community gathering places for fans and athletes involves creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space. Odeys partners with Loveland Lawns (Grass Pad), Platte Valley Nurseries, CM’S A Cut Above, and other companies to provide your space with all the plant life, river rocks, fountain structures, and other forms of landscape/hardscape. Read more about our Athletic Complex Landscaping services here!



The final phase of any project is one that is ongoing. Protecting your athletic field investment with proper maintenance is crucial. Odeys offers a variety of services and goods in our maintenance division. We frame our maintenance services in three ways:

  1. Odeys is available to maintain your field. Every maintenance project is customized to meet your needs. Contact us to get an estimate on maintaining your baseball, soccer, football, or softball field. Learn more here!
  2. Odeys is available to consult with you about the maintenance of your field. Keeping a field looking great is not always as easy as it looks. Contact us if you have questions about your field!
  3. Odeys sells top quality Grounds Keeping Tools and Supplies. We provide our customers with a wide range of tools necessary to help manage your athletic complex/field on a daily basis. Check out examples of our products here and call us at 402-597-6296 to learn more!


Join Our Mailing List!

Help us stay in touch with you! We won't overload your inbox, but offer great deals and happenings at Odeys! Click here to join!

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